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Dear clients, learners, customers, safety officers, safety professionals…

Welcome to our HSE website, Institute of Safety Officers

We are faced with enormous life threatening challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic; lockdown measures, implementation of handwashing; use of facemasks; sanitizers and social distancing. As Safety Officers, Managers and Professionals, we are now faced with new challenges every day; as these must be implemented and managed at all business workplaces, sites, and in our homes. Our deepest condolences for the passing on of loved ones; family members; friends and workmates.

The HSE Occupation is quite interesting and very challenging; but also can become very rewarding for those with a strong desire to work with people; and who have a passion to save lives and minimize loss. Perhaps the most important attribute every safety professional should possess is the need to be passionate about protecting people, reduction of occupational injuries and the environment. This is what drives me to promote the life long learning skills through our safety skills courses; skills programs, workshop presentations etc.

A good basic foundational industry knowledge is just as essential and important to a strong background in HSE.  To be a successful safety professional you must understand the processes of operational activities found in your industry and be able to recognize potential hazards, mitigate and reduce the risks and implement control measures.

We are very keen on promoting all safety related issues through our website, I will be constantly uploading key essential building blocks of information either through pdf’s; checklist; procedures; policies; standards and codes of practice as reference and research materials. Please feel free to make use of them.

Safe Regards,

Vincent Naidoo